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Prisoner's Prayer Request (Colossians 4) November 19, 2017 - (37:26 min.)
Paul had many needs, but his top priority was the work of God.

Designated Driver (Colossians 3) November 12, 2017 - (40:20 min.)
Respect the authority God has granted others, and use your authority with love.

Your Ressurection Life (Colossians 3) November 5, 2017 - (35:17 min.)
Freedom from sin is a matter of life and death.

Something Better (Colossians 2) October 29, 2017 - (34:55 min.)
Donít be cheated by legalism. Only Jesus gives life.

Dodging Deception (Colossians 2) October 22, 2017 - (36:37 min.)
Donít be taken by con-artists. You have all you need in Christ.

Brought Near (Colossians 1) October 8, 2017 - (31:10 min.)
Our sin made us enemies of God, but Jesus gave His life to reconcile us.

Christ at the Center (Colossians 1) October 1, 2017 - (32:06 min.)
Itís all about Jesus Christ. He is the reason, the Creator and the King of all things.

Supply Line (Psalm 1) September 24, 2017 - (41:41 min.)
You need the word of God like a tree needs water. Stay connected to the supply-line of Scripture.

Unreasonable Peace (Philippians 4) September 17, 2017 - (40:23 min.)
When your heart is pointed in the right direction, worry is a thing of the past.

Pressing Together (Philippians 3-4) September 10, 2017 - (21:30 min.)
We can overcome what divides the body of Christ, by focusing on what unites us.

The Pursuit (Philippians 2-3) September 3, 2017 - (38:04 min.)
Follow the Lord recklessly. Give it everything youíve got!

How Low Can You Go? (Philippians 2) August 27, 2017 - (41:45 min.)
The key to unity in the body of Christ is humility.

Pushing the Gospel (Philippians 1) August 20, 2017 - (36:46 min.)
A life dedicated to the Gospel is indestructible.

Praying Bigger (Philippians 1) August 13, 2017 - (35:37 min.)
To take your prayer life to the next level, ask God for the things that are nearest to His heart.

Gospel Beachhead (Acts 16) August 6, 2017 - (38:59 min.)
Philippi was a tough place to introduce the Gospel, but proved to be a blessing to the Church around the world.

Too Hard? Impossible! July 30, 2017 - (37:48 min.)
What we consider impossible is not even difficult for God. Believe Him and expect Him to do amazing things in your life.

Living in Liberty (Galatians 5) July 16, 2017 - (39:53 min.)
Are you walking in the flesh or in the Spirit? The fruit of your life will tell.

A Tale of Two Sons (Galatians 4-5) July 9, 2017 - (36:52 min.)
You canít be justified by doing good works, only by trusting in Godís promise.

Washing Away Sin (Baptism) July 2, 2017 - (35:55 min.)
Baptism is an outward sign of an inward reality. Has Jesus washed your heart?

Rags-to-Riches Relationship (Galatians 4) June 25, 2017 - (39:37 min.)
The Christian life is all about relationships Ė with God, and with others.

Brought into the Family (Galatians 3-4)[partial recording only] June 18, 2017 - (20:38 min.)
Freedom is found in the family of God.

Breaking the Curse (Galatians 3) June 11, 2017 - (43:28 min.)
Living by law brings a curse, but righteousness comes through faith in Christ.

Faith Like Abraham (Galatians 3) June 4, 2017 - (37:12 min.)
It is better to share Abrahamís faith than his genealogy.

The Gospel -- with a Twist May 21, 2017 - (46:29 min.)
Donít be misled by a twisted version of ďthe gospel.Ē Insist on the real thing!

Mother Appraisal May 14, 2017 - (36:24 min.)
Mothers are worthy of honor.

The Heavenly City (Revelation 21-22), May 7, 2017 - (39:01 min.)
Jesus is coming soon! Be ready, it will be worth the wait.

God with Us (Revelation 21), April 30, 2017 - (32:03 min.)
We destroyed our relationship with God, but He can fix it.

When We Just Don't Get It (Luke 24), April 16, 2017 - (32:21 min.)
You will never understand who Jesus is until you know him.

The Heart of Rebellion (Revelation 20), April 9, 2017 - (37:51 min.)
Fight the good fight of faith, not the bad fight of rebellion.

Messiah Reigns! (Revelation 20), April 2, 2017 - (39:46 min.)
Be faithful in the little of this life. God will reward you.

King of the World (Revelation 19), March 26, 2017 - (31:30 min.)
Jesus Christ is king! Make sure youíre on His side.

Fall of the Mighty (Revelation 18), March 19, 2017 - (33:07 min.)
There is no security in wealth or power. Trust in God alone.

Song of Victory (Revelation 15-16), March 05, 2017 - (37:50 min.)
Winners stay focused on what matters most.

The Rising Beast (Revelation 13), February 19, 2017 - (48:45 min.)
Donít be fooled by ďantichrists.Ē Trust God and follow the truth.

Defeating the Dragon (Revelation 11-12), February 12, 2017 - (40:39 min.)
Satan is a powerful enemy, but God is much greater.

Fire Alarm (Revelation 10-11), February 05, 2017 - (34:37 min.)
Because of His mercy, God sends us to warn of His judgment.

Hard-Headed Humans (Revelation 8-9), January 29, 2017 - (36:35 min.)
Even in the midst of Godís wrath, He offers mercy.

God's Holy People (Revelation 7-8), January 22, 2017 - (34:01 min.)
When the time is right, God takes action.

Taking the Scroll (Revelation 5), January 1, 2017 - (30:46 min.)
Only Jesus is worthy to rule the world.

Nothing Better to Do (Revelation 4), December 18, 2016 - (37:56 min.)
Worship the Lord with everything you are. He is worth it!

Comfortable (Revelation 3), December 11, 2016 - (39:19 min.)
Sometimes being comfortable is the opposite of what we need.

Open Door (Revelation 3), December 4, 2016 - (34:00 min.)
Others may try to exclude you, but if you follow Jesus, you are in with God.

Life and Death (Revelation 3), November 27, 2016 - (38:39 min.)
Itís not what people say about you Ė good or bad. Itís what God says that counts.

Seduced (Revelation 2), November 20, 2016 - (38:02 min.)
Donít be led by false teachers Ė follow Jesus.

Compromised (Revelation 2), November 13, 2016 - (35:38 min.)
Donít let the desires of your flesh sabotage your relationship with God.

Tribulation (Revelation 2), November 6, 2016 - (35:24 min.)
If you know Jesus, all pain is temporary.

Back to the Beginning (Revelation 2), October 30, 2016 - (33:08 min.)
Hating evil is not the same as loving God.

Apocalypse (Revelation 1), October 23, 2016 - (40:02 min.)
Almighty God cares enough to reveal Himself to you.

Taking it Personally (Romans 16), October 16, 2016 - (41:30 min.)
The gospel of Jesus Christ is both doctrinal and personal.

Doing Your Thing (Romans 15), October 9, 2016 - (38:07 min.)
Every member of Christís team has a part in His work.

Helping the Weak (Romans 15), October 2, 2016 - (39:22 min.)
If you are strong in your faith, use that strength to help those who are weak.

Doubtful Things (Romans 14), September 25, 2016 - (42:56 min.)
You can fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ Ė even if some of their convictions are different than yours.

Main Thing (Romans 13), September 18, 2016 - (36:10 min.)
If love rules your heart, you will naturally fulfill the law of God.

What About the Government? (Romans 13), September 11, 2016 - (32:38 min.)
Honor the authorities God has established Ė even when they misuse their power.

The Real Thing (Romans 12), September 4, 2016 - (35:13 min.)
Your love for other people validates your love for God.

Living Sacrifice (Romans 12), August 28, 2016 - (33:41 min.)
You can give yourself to God by using your gifts to serve others.

Cast Away? (Romans 11), August 21, 2016 - (38:05 min.)
Donít get the wrong idea Ė Godís not through with Israel.

Do-It-Yourself Salvation? (Romans 9-10), August 14, 2016 - (33:14 min.)
You cannot achieve righteousness Ė you can only receive it.

Chosen (Romans 9), August 7, 2016 - (40:10 min.)
God chooses to show compassion on people who donít deserve it.

Walking In the Spirit (Romans 7-8), July 24, 2016 - (38:30 min.)
Willpower can never defeat sin in your life. To walk in victory, walk in the Spirit.

Abundant Grace (Romans 6), July 10, 2016 - (40:39 min.)
If you know Jesus Christ, serve the Lord with your new life! Sin no longer has a claim on you.

Our Solid Hope (Romans 5), July 3, 2016 - (37:09 min.)
In Jesus Christ, our hope is absolutely certain!

Undeserved (Romans 3-4), June 26, 2016 - (44:23 min.)
God offers righteousness to people who donít deserve it Ė Heís been doing that all along.

Religious Sinners (Romans 2-3), June 19, 2016 - (32:04 min.)
When you parent children, you are raising young sinners. You cannot save them, but you can point them to your Savior!

No Excuses (Romans 1-2), June 12, 2016 - (46:56 min.)
All mankind is guilty before God Ė and in need of the Gospel!

The Greatest Love (John 10), May 29, 2016 - (24:54 min.)
Jesus,the Good Shepherd, loves you!

Choosing Sides (Exodus 2-3), May 22, 2016 - (40:11 min.)
Take your stand on Godís side Ė it will be worth the cost!

Backstage Blessing (Exodus 2), May 8, 2016 - (38:04 min.)
Never underestimate the importance of motherhood.

Remember Mercy (Habakkuk 3), May 1, 2016 - (37:17 min.)
Be patient. Even in the middle of Godís wrath, trust His mercy!

Construction Woes (Habakkuk 2), April 17, 2016 - (37:39 min.)
Be patient. Sinful shortcuts donít work in the long run.

Wait for It (Habakkuk 1-2), April 10, 2016 - (37:40 min.)
Be patient. The arrogant wonít last forever.

Spanking a Nation (Habakkuk 1), April 3, 2016 - (38:56 min.)
God can even use the wicked to discipline His people.

Declawing Death (John 20), March 27, 2016 - (28:29 min.)
Jesus Christ conquered death!

Palm Leaves and Politics (John 12), March 20, 2016 - (38:38 min.)
Jesusí priorities wonít always be the same as yours, but as King, He sets the agenda.

Census of Death (2 Samuel 24), March 13, 2016 - (38:37 min.)
Godís wrath is great. His mercy is greater still.

The Mighty (2 Samuel 23), March 6, 2016 - (35:24 min.)
God uses ordinary people to do amazing things!

David's Last Words (2 Samuel 23), February 28, 2016 - (41:43 min.)
Trust in the promises of God.

David's Rock (2 Samuel 22), February 21, 2016 - (41:05 min.)
God is the strength of those who trust Him.

The Guilt of a Nation (2 Samuel 21), February 7, 2016 - (32:04 min.)
God sets all things right.

The Power of Listening (2 Samuel 20), January 31, 2016 - (37:36 min.)
Wisdom listens.

Grasping for Greatness (2 Samuel 20), January 24, 2016 - (32:29 min.)
Donít get caught up in the struggle to come out on top. Serve others and let God establish you.

Winning the Argument (2 Samuel 19), January 17, 2016 - (41:41 min.)
Winning an argument is not the same as resolving a conflict.

Strengthening the Basics (Acts 2:42), December 27, 2015 - (38:31 min.)
The Church looks different than it did almost 2000 years ago, but the basic blueprint remains the same.

Joseph's Obedience (Matthew 1), December 20, 2015 - (22:01 min.)
Godís plan for you wonít always make sense, but when you obey, He does great things!

Lifting the Lowly (Luke 1), December 13, 2015 - (31:21 min.)
God uses the weak and lowly to do amazing things!

Preparing the Way of the Lord (Luke 1), December 6, 2015 - (23:55 min.)
Jesus came at exactly the right time. At exactly the right time, He will come again!

Huge Forgiveness (2 Samuel 19), November 29, 2015 - (42:09 min.)
Forgiveness is expensive, but the rewards are far greater!

David's Loyalty (2 Samuel 18), November 22, 2015 - (46:13 min.)
If you know the Lord, you can love the people youíre ďsupposedĒ to hate.

Absalom's Hang Up (2 Samuel 18), November 15, 2015 - (41:45 min.)
Itís better to be humble before God and others, than to be destroyed by your pride.

Getting Good Intel (2 Samuel 17), November 8, 2015 - (32:28 min.)
Trust God to lead you in the practical details of your life.

Revival Sermon - Pastor Gary Couch (Numbers 16:41-50), November 6, 2015 - (36:37 min.)
Will you "stand in the gap" for people on their way to destruction?
Pastor Couch was our revival speaker from Visalia Baptist Church.

Heart Wounds (2 Samuel 16), November 1, 2015 - (40:34 min.)
Donít let bitterness and anger destroy you. Practice forgiveness.

The Resistance (2 Samuel 15), October 25, 2015 - (36:29 min.)
Every Christian on Earth is in hostile territory. Be faithful to the One True King.

The Pursuit of Emptiness (2 Samuel 13), September 27, 2015 - (44:05 min.)
The things you desire promise fulfillment, but only the Lord can satisfy your soul.

Merciful (2 Samuel 12), September 13, 2015 - (38:47 min.)
In the midst of judgment, seek our merciful God.

The Sin of Another (2 Samuel 12), September 6, 2015 - (33:28 min.)
Before you can experience Godís mercy in your life, you have to admit that you need it.

One Night at the Palace (2 Samuel 11), August 30, 2015 - (42:06 min.)
One sin leads to another, and all sin leads to destruction. Christ is the only one who can free you from its grip.

Trying to Be Friendly (2 Samuel 10), August 23, 2015 - (23:28 min.)
You canít control how others respond to your kindness, but do your best to live at peace with everyone.

Merciful Warrior (2 Samuel 8-9), August 16, 2015 - (38:36 min.)
God is the mighty, sovereign conqueror. He is also the merciful, saving comforter. How do you want to know Him?

Generations to Come (2 Samuel 7), August 9, 2015 - (33:05 min.)
There is no greater heritage than to know and love God. Pass it on to the next generation.

Danger Zone (2 Samuel 6), August 2, 2015 - (46:40 min.)
God gives us great freedom and individual creativity, but when He gives instructions, we had better obey.

The One to Trust (2 Samuel 5), July 26, 2015 - (38:16 min.)
Real security is only found in the Lord.

Overcoming Strongholds (2 Samuel 5), July 19, 2015 - (35:45 min.)
When Godís work seems impossible, trust Him and do it anyway.

A Tale of Two Wrongs (2 Samuel 3), July 31, 2015 - (38:59 min.)
Bible-believing Christians have a reputation for hate, but Bible-obeying Christians will love even their worst enemies.

Right to Rule? (2 Samuel 2), June 28, 2015 - (36:58 min.)
Those who choose to obey God, are naturally in conflict with those who do not.

Their Loss, Your Gain (2 Samuel 1), June 21, 2015 - (31:17 min.)
Donít rejoice in anotherís loss, even if it benefits you.

Saul's Judgment Day (1 Samuel 31), June 14, 2015 - (39:59 min.)
Your Judgment Day is coming. Are you ready?

Untangling Our Lives (1 Samuel 29-30), June 7, 2015 - (35:45 min.)
On Godís team, we do win for losing.

Double Minded (1 Samuel 28), May 31, 2015 - (44:37 min.)
When God speaks, listen up. You may not get another chance.

Whose Side Are You On? (1 Samuel 27), May 24, 2015 - (32:31 min.)
Does your loyalty change depending on whoís there?

Mrs. Fool (1 Samuel 25), May 10, 2015 - (38:43 min.)
Real beauty comes from a humble heart.

Revenge! (1 Samuel 25), May 3, 2015 - (34:34 min.)
When people treat you unjustly, trust God to set things right.

The Lord's Anointed (1 Samuel 24), April 26, 2015 - (34:06 min.)
Respect those in authority. Trust God for justice.

Working Together (1 Samuel 23:14-29), April 19, 2015 - (35:41 min.)
When you network with other people, you become stronger. When you partner with God, you become invincible.

Stopping for Directions (1 Samuel 23:1-13), April 12, 2015 - (33:59 min.)
The Lord will guide those who seek Him.

Death Meets its Match (Genesis 3, 1 Corinthians 15), April 5, 2015 - (31:00 min.)
Jesus Christ conquered death. Donít live in it any longer!

Survival of the Fittest (1 Samuel 22:6-23), March 29, 2015 - (34:00 min.)
The Lord establishes those who trust in Him.

Finding Your Fortress (1 Samuel 22:1-5), March 22, 2015 - (36:56 min.)
Real security is only found in the Lord.

Running Scared (1 Samuel 21), March 15, 2015 - (35:34 min.)
The one who fears God, can fear nothing else.

True Friend (1 Samuel 20), March 8, 2015 - (37:56 min.)
Itís hard to find a true friend. Itís even harder to be one.

Heroes and Fools (1 Samuel 17), February 1, 2015 - (45:59 min.)
Self-confidence is a sorry substitute for faith in God!

Eyes on the Heart (1 Samuel 16), January 25, 2015 - (40:50 min.)
Don't be fooled by appearances, it's the heart that counts.

Pretending Obedience (1 Samuel 15), January 18, 2015 - (41:07 min.)
Live for the eyes of God, not for the approval of Man.

Willpower (1 Samuel 14), January 4, 2015 - (47:57 min.)
Human wisdom and willpower can destroy your walk with God. Trust in the Lord, not in yourself.


Armed with Faith (1 Samuel 13:16-14:23), December 28, 2014 - (31:01 min.)
Courage is gained by knowing God. It is spread by following Him.

Saul's First Impressions (1 Samuel 10:17-11:15), November 30, 2014 - (20:00 min.)
Donít worry if you are not enough. God is plenty!

Prophecy of God's Anointed (Hanging of the Greens Service) (1 Samuel 10:1-16), November 30, 2014 - (20:00 min.)
God uses prophecy to authenticate His word.

Chasing Donkeys (1 Samuel 9), November 23, 2014 - (38:33 min.)
God uses trials to set us up for blessings!

Who's in Charge Here? (1 Samuel 8), November 16, 2014 - (41:57 min.)
Human government is no substitute for the reign of Christ.

Trusting When it Counts (1 Samuel 7), November 9, 2014 - (34:06 min.)
God's promises are certain. You can trust Him completely.

Taking God Lightly (1 Samuel 6), November 2, 2014 - (35:03 min.)
The holy, Lord God deserves the absolute respect of His creatures.

Unbeatable (1 Samuel 5), October 26, 2014 - (30:29 min.)
Even when evil seems to win, God is still in charge.

God in Your Pocket (1 Samuel 4), October 19, 2014 - (33:42 min.)
Donít try to get God on your side -- get on His!

The Unexpected Voice of God (1 Samuel 3), October 12, 2014 - (46:32 min.)
God has chosen to communicate with His Creation. Listen up!

Appointed by God (Jude 11, Numbers 16), August 31, 2014 - (45:05 min.)
Respect for God demands respect for the human authorities He has established.

Prophet for Profit (Jude 11, Numbers 22), August 24, 2014 - (32:05 min.)
Serving God is about following His plan, rather than getting Him to follow yours.

Jealousy (Jude 8-11, Genesis 4), August 17, 2014 - (47:30 min.)
Jesus can help you overcome jealousy before jealousy overcomes you.

Old-Fashioned Judgment (Jude 6-8), August 10, 2014 - (36:25 min.)
Sinners will not escape Judgment Day Ė repent before itís too late!

Faith That Stands (Jude 1-5), August 3, 2014 - (41:54 min.)
Not everyone who appears to trust the Lord really does.

Dedicated to the Lord (Nehemiah 11-12), July 20, 2014 - (31:38 min.)
Donít just stand against evil. Stand for God.

Set Apart for God (Nehemiah 10), July 13, 2014 - (39:01 min.)
If you have been set apart by God, you need to live like it.

Story of Mercy (Nehemiah 9), July 6, 2014 - (38:45 min.)
Godís mercy in the past inspires us to follow Him in the present!

The Joy of Listening (Nehemiah 8), June 29, 2014 - (35:02 min.)
The Lord wants us to enjoy our relationship with Him!

The Great Hand-Off (Nehemiah 7), June 22, 2014 - (44:14 min.)
If you know the Lord Jesus, you have something important to give the next generation.

The Fear of Man (Nehemiah 6), June 15, 2014 - (31:15 min.)
The one who fears God, fears no one else.

The Relevant Word (Nehemiah 5), June 8, 2014 - (47:46 min.)
The one who fears God will take His word seriously.

Build Your Wall (Nehemiah 3:1-4:6), May 25, 2014 - (46:23 min.)
God does much through the faithfulness of the weak.

The Midnight Ride of Nehemiah (Nehemiah 2:11-20), May 18, 2014 - (46:27 min.)
Trust in God, and take the next step.

The Price of Motherhood (Exodus 20:12), May 11, 2014 - (42:25 min.)
Never underestimate the value of singing lullabies and kissing boo-boos.

Asking Big (Nehemiah 2:1-10), May 4, 2014 - (38:12 min.)
God will provide for His work Ė no matter how big the needs may seem.

Something to Cry About (Nehemiah 1), April 27, 2014 - (34:03 min.)
Are circumstances overwhelming you? Take them to the Lord -- He is big enough to handle them!

Explaining Things to Jesus (Luke 24:13-47), April 20, 2014 - (31:04 min.)
If Jesus rose from the dead, it would prove that He is the Lord. He did. It does. Now let's go tell everyone!

Using the Law Lawfully, April 13, 2014 - (47:02 min.)
Rules are for people who don't love Jesus!

Sin- Rotten to the Core, April 6, 2014 - (54:59 min.)
Sin is our biggest problem, but there is hope in our Creator!

The Christ Directed Church Part 4: Prayer, March 30, 2014 - (46:38 min.)
Prayer is not manipulating God, but humbly recognizing His sovereignty.

The Christ Directed Church Part 3: Breaking Bread, March 23, 2014 - (42:38 min.)
Food is vital for a healthy church.

The Christ Directed Church Part 2: Sharing, March 16, 2014 - (39:04 min.)
Loving your brothers and sisters in Christ requires personal sacrifice.

Going Fishing (John 21), February 23, 2014 - (40:57 min.)
If you know Jesus, your life is no longer ďnormal.Ē

Healthy Skepticism (John 20:19-31), February 16, 2014 - (46:27 min.)
Don't trust unreliable sources. Put your faith in the Lord.

Whom Do You Seek? (John 20:1-18), February 2, 2014 - (28:56 min.)
Jesus is alive! Do you believe?

The Value of a Life (John 19:17-42), January 19, 2014 - (41:30 min.)
Jesus Christ experienced death, that we might have life.


Cock-A-Doodle-Don't (John 18:15-27), December 29, 2013 - (40:27 min.)
God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

Living Nativity (Luke 2, Matthew 2, Isaiah 53), December 22, 2013 - (26:28 min.)
Jesus came as a humble baby, but will return as the conquering King, be ready!

Scandalous Women (Matthew 1), December 15, 2013 - (42:50 min.)
Godís plan for your life may not be what you think.

Bound By Loyalty (John 18:1-14), December 1, 2013 - (28:59 min.)
Follow Jesus Bravely.

One In Him (John 17), November 24, 2013 - (40:20 min.)
Jesus has prayed for you.

An Important Little While (John 16:16-33), November 10, 2013 - (41:15 min.)
Jesus has overcome the world.

When the Helper Comes (John 15:26-16:15), November 3, 2013 - (48:54 min.)
God-in-you changes everything.

Living in Jesus (John 15:1-25), October 27, 2013 - (41:04 min.)
Abide in Jesus.

Revealed in Secret (John 14:19-31) October 20, 2013 - (32:06 min.)
God wants to reveal Himself -- in you.

Sunrise Children's Services Report - Kevin Richardson October 13, 2013 - (46:04 min.)
Helping Children in Crisis Shine

Better Ideas (John 14:1-18), October 6, 2013 - (36:33 min.)
God's ideas are better than ours.

Betrayal! (John 13:21-38), September 29, 2013 - (36:55 min.)
You can count on Jesus, even when others betray you.

Servant King (John 13:1-20), September 22, 2013 - (35:02 min.)
To be like Jesus, be a servant to others.

God's Plan for Your Pain (John 12:27-50), September 15, 2013 - (38:59 min.)
Sometimes, suffering is part of God's good plan for you.

Fans or Followers? (John 12:12-26), September 8, 2013 - (29:19 min.)
Jesus wants followers, not just fans.

Extravagant Worship (John 12:1-11), September 1, 2013 - (41:07 min.)
Worship God with everything you have.

Scheming Against God (John 11:47-57), August 25, 2013 - (39:18 min.)
You can't defeat God.
*This is Pastor Joe's most-requested audio sermon of 2013!*

Too Late for Jesus? (John 11), August 18, 2013 - (38:00 min.)
Jesus has all power -- even over death.

Big Stuff (John 10:22-42), August 11, 2013 - (28:30 min.)
Jesus is the Boss of every boss.

Good Shepherd (John 10:1-21), August 4, 2013 - (37:27 min.)
The Good Shepherd loves His sheep.

Born Blind (John 9), July 28, 2013 - (43:34 min.)
Pride blinds your soul, but Jesus can make you whole.

Who's Your Daddy? (John 8:33-59), July 21, 2013 - (35:36 min.)
Your actions reveal your identity.

Oldies! (Some of Pastor Joe's Sermons preached before coming to Kenton Baptist:)

5-15-11 - Setting Things In Order (Overview of Titus)
The life of the Church is the work of God. We must submit to Him in every way.

5-8-11 - Jesusí Secret Identity (Overview of Mark)
Jesus doesnít want adoring fans. He wants believing followers.

5-1-11 - Giving Your All (2 Corinthians 8:1-15)
To be generous, you donít need riches -- just a willing heart.

4-24-11 - Trying to Keep a Good Man Down (Matthew 27:62-28:20)
There is power in information! Declare the Gospel to the world and see what God will do with it.

4-17-11 - Welcome--What Are You Doing Here? (Matthew 21:1-17)
Jesus comes to us on His own terms. His way is not always popular, but itís always right.

4-10-11 - To Live and Die Together (2 Corinthians 7:2-16)
No matter where Paul went, his relationship with the Corinthians stayed strong. In Christ, our fellowship with one another is forever.

4-3-11 - Choose This Day (2 Corinthians 6:11-7:1)
God calls His people to purity Ė we canít please God and the world at the same time.

3-20-11 - Something Different (2 Corinthians 5:12-21)
Christ showed us a self-less life. He calls His followers to join Him.

3-13-11 - Trading Up (2 Corinthians 5:1-11)
For a Christian, real life is what happens after you die.
[This recording has poor audio quality -- not for the faint-hearted!]

3-6-11 - Beaten Down but not Beaten (2 Corinthians 4:7-18)
Your suffering can help your light shine brighter in the darkness of a dying world.

2-27-11 - Hidden in Plain Sight (2 Corinthians 4:1-7)
The Gospel is public information, available to anyone with the eyes to see it.

1-23-11 - The Joy of Forgiveness (2 Corinthians 2:1-11)
Forgiveness is not just a good idea. Itís Godís command.

1-9-11 - A Very Encouraging Word (2 Corinthians)
Your words to others can be most effective when you treat them with respect and compassion.

1-2-11 - Appraising One Another (1 Corinthians 16)
As members of the body of Christ, we need each other. How highly do you value your brothers and sisters in Christ?

12-12-10 - Gospel Truth (1 Corinthians 15:1-11)
The good news of Christís death and resurrection is not just a traditional part of Christianity. Christianity stands or falls with the Gospel message.

10-31-10 - Trashing the Lordís Supper (1 Corinthians 11:17-34)
The Lordís Supper must be taken seriously because it reminds us of the sacrifice of our Savior.

10-24-10 - Hearts, Hats and Hair (1 Corinthians 11:1-16)
Real Christianity is not about traditions and outward symbols, but sometimes love requires us to respect the customs of others.

9-12-10 - Dining with Demons (1 Corinthians 8)
Your actions affect more than you. If you love others, you will limit your own freedom for the sake of a weaker brother or sister in Christ.

9-5-10 - Greener Grass (1 Corinthians 7:18-40)
We often think that if God would just change this or that circumstance, we would be better Christians, but maybe God wants to change you, and not your circumstances.

6-13-10 - Nothing Better to Say (1 Corinthians 2:1-5)
Guide people to Christ, not to yourself -- He is the One they really need.

6-6-10 - Wisdom for Dummies (1 Corinthians 1:18-31)
Donít worry if the world thinks of you as a fool. Trust in God and you will eventually be proven right.

5-30-10 - Unity (1 Corinthians 1:10-17)
All who are in Christ Jesus are joined together in one body. That unity must not be broken.

5-9-10 - Hard to Understand (2 Peter 3:14-18)
Donít be caught off-guard by false teachers. Guard your heart well, and keep growing in the Lord.

5-2-10 - Itís All Gonnaí Burn (2 Peter 3:10-13)
The world around us is temporary. Invest your life in a way that will pay off eternally.

4-25-10 - Forgetfulness (2 Peter 3:1-9)
If we want to understand the world today, we have to see it in light of the past and the future.

4-18-10 - Returning to Bondage (2 Peter 2:18-22)
True freedom is not found in indulging the flesh, but in serving the Lord.
[We're sorry -- Due to problems with the original recording, some portions of this sermon are missing.]

4-11-10 - Woolly Wolves (2 Peter 2:10b-17)
Watch out for false teachers Ė especially when you see the warning signs in their lives.

4-4-10 - Current Events and Ancient Texts (Luke 24:13-31)
When we worry about the events around us, it shows how blind we are to what the Bible says.

3-21-10 - Sabotage (2 Peter 2:1-3)
The Church is under attack -- from within! Watch out for ďwolves in sheepís clothing.Ē

3-14-10 - Admissible As Evidence (2 Peter 1:12-21)
Jesus Christ has revealed Himself to us through the writings of His apostles. You can trust what the Bible says about Him.

3-7-10 - Add It Up (2 Peter 1:5-11)
Donít become stagnant in your Christian life. God wants you to grow beyond where you are today.

2-28-10 - Youíve Got It All! (2 Peter 1:1-4)
We have everything we need because God has revealed Himself to us.

2-21-10 - Lions and Lawyers and Friends Ė Oh My! (1 Peter 5:8-14)
You have an enemy who wants to destroy you, but you can stand firm with the Lord.

2-14-10 - Humility in the Church (1 Peter 5:1-7)
If you want to achieve greatness in the local church, you need an attitude of humility.

2-7-10 - Not So Strange (1 Peter 4:12-19)
If you suffer for doing good, rejoice that you partake with Christ.

1-31-10 - Armed and Different (1 Peter 4:1-11)
In spiritual warfare, your changed life is one of your most powerful weapons.

1-24-10 - Called to Inherit a Blessing (1 Peter 3:8-22)
Suffering is an expected part of living. Just make sure youíre suffering for the right reasons.

1-17-10 - How a Real Man Treats His Wife (1 Peter 3:7)
Men are strong. A good husband will use his strength on behalf of his wife, not against her.

1-10-10 - Dealing with a Disobedient Husband (1 Peter 3:1-6)
Whether a wife has a godly husband or not, she can be the beautiful woman God designed her to be.

1-3-10 - The Good, the Bad, and the Suffering (1 Peter 2:18-25)
Your attitude on the job should be the same as Christís attitude on the cross.

12-27-09 - Dealing with Government (1 Peter 2:13-17)
Human government gets its authority from God. Your relationship with one changes your relationship with the other.

12-20-09 - Just Passing Through (1 Peter 2:11-12)
As Christians, we have a greater responsibility for how we conduct business with the world.

12-13-09 - Rejected and Chosen (1 Peter 2:4-10)
The world has rejected what God has chosen and chosen what God has rejected. Will you choose Christ?

11-29-09 - Passionate Love (1 Peter 1:22-25)
Our love for one another should become more and more like Christís love for us.

11-15-09 - Secret Strength (1 Peter 1:6-12)
The most important things in the life of a Christian are things we have yet to see!

11-8-09 - Chosen for This (1 Peter 1:1-5)
If you are a child of God, it is not because you chose God, but because He chose you! What a merciful and generous God we serve!

11-1-09 - Holiness, Hurt and Hope (1 Peter)
God has set His followers apart from the rest of the world. How should we live as a result?

10-25-09 - A Time, Times and Half a Time (Daniel 12)
We canít fully understand prophecy until it is fulfilled, but what are you doing with the knowledge you have?

10-18-09 - Thinking like Antichrist (Daniel 11:36-45)
Christ or Antichrist - Who's your pattern?

10-11-09 - What Are the Odds? (Daniel 11:2-35)
Skeptics will never be argued into the kingdom of God. They must be drawn by God Himself.

10-4-09 - Behind the Scenes (Daniel 10:1-11:1)
As we struggle on Earth, the battle rages in the Heavenly realms. Always look to the Lord for help!

9-27-09 - Seventy Sevens (Daniel 9:20-27)
God is never late or early. His plans are always perfectly timed.

9-20-09 - My People (Daniel 9:1-19)
As Christians, we are citizens of heaven. But until we get there, we have an important role here on Earth.

9-13-09 - It's All Greek to Me (Daniel 8)
Pain is a part of Godís plan for His people! He never promised to keep troubles away, but He will see us through it.

9-6-09 - A Dream Revealed (Daniel 7:15-28)
The Antichrist will be the most terrifying ruler this world has ever produced, but God is stronger still!

8-30-09 - A Beastly Dream (Daniel 7:1-14)
Biblical prophecy can be fascinating and terrifying, but when all is said and done, God wins!

8-23-09 - Not About to Budge (Daniel 6)
When things get tough, what do you hang onto? People and things will fail, but God is steadfast.

8-16-09 - When God Crashes Your Party (Daniel 5)
God rules! You can learn this the easy way -- or the hard way, but you will eventually learn it.

8-9-09 - A Letter, A Leader, and a Lunatic (Daniel 4)
Your life is in Godís hands. Do you really acknowledge His sovereignty?

8-2-09 - Fireproof Faith (Daniel 3)
Sometimes God chooses to let us go through hard times, but if you are His child, you will not go through it alone.

7-26-09 - The One Who is Different (Daniel 2:17-49)
God is distinct and different from everyone and everything in creation. Give honor to Him because He is holy

7-19-09 - The Impossible Dream (Daniel 2:1-16)
The wisdom and power of this world doesnít begin to stack up against God!

6-28-09 - Discover the Book! (2 Chronicles 34)
It is time to rediscover Godís Book. Take the Bible seriously enough to act upon it.

6-21-09 - The End of the Beginning (Acts 28:17-31)
The history of the Church is not over. Live your chapter well.

6-14-09 - A Fresh Start (Acts 28:11-16)
Change can be hard, but God can even use bad changes to bring about good things in your life.

6-7-09 - The Snakebite Test (Acts 28:1-10)
You can tell very little about someone by what happens to them. Be careful how you establish your opinions of people.

5-31-09 - Navigating the Shipwreck (Acts 27:33-44)
When you're in the middle of a crisis, look for ways to be a blessing to others.

5-24-09 - Gaining Trust (Acts 27:1-32)
If you want to be trusted you must be trustworthy.

5-17-09 - Almost Persuaded (Acts 25:13 - 26:32)
Your Christian testimony is not about how great you are, but about how great God is.

5-10-09 - An Unappealing Appeal (Acts 25:1-12)
If your hope is in people or circumstances you will ultimately be disappointed. Put your hope in God -- He never fails!

5-3-09 - Waiting for Justice (Acts 23:32-24:27)
When Paul was on trial before the Roman Governor, Felix, his hope was in God and the coming judgment day.

4-26-09 - Conspiracy! (Acts 23:11-31)
No one can harm Godís children without Godís permission. The Lord can easily foil the most cunning schemes.

4-19-09 - Privileged Positions (Acts 22:23-23:10)
God places people in positions of authority. Use your authority wisely, and respect the authority of others.

4-12-09 - Christ -- The Living Lord (Acts 22:1-22)
Jesusí resurrection doesnít just affect history. He is actively involved in your life right now.

4-5-09 - Welcome to Jerusalem (Acts 21:15-40)
The only One Who truly knows your heart is God. Don't be surprised when others misunderstand you.

3-29-09 - I Am Ready! (Acts 21:1-14)
Until you are ready to die, you will never be ready to live.

3-15-09 - Ephesian Farewell Part 2 (Acts 20:25-38)
You cannot shield another person from spiritual warfare, but you can help them get ready for it.

3-8-09 - Ephesian Farewell Part 1 (Acts 20:13-24)
Your actions are vitally important Ė so are your words. Line them both up with the Bible to establish a powerful ministry.

3-1-09 - Marathon Ministry (Acts 20:1-12)
Life is like a marathon. If youíre going to finish well, you have to keep moving forward.

2-22-09 - Riot and Wrong (Acts 19:21-41)
Majority opinion does not make something right. It just makes it popular.

2-15-09 - Copycatting and Name Dropping (Acts 19:8-20)
If you want the power of God in your life and ministry, you must have a relationship with Him.

2-8-09 - Not Quite Enough (Acts 19:1-7)
It is not enough to have a sincere faith unless that faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

2-1-09 - Kinetic Evangelism (Acts 18:18-28)
When you put energy into making disciples, that energy is transferred to others and multiplied many times over!

1-25-09 - Safe in the Will of God (Acts 18:1-17)
For a Christian, there is nowhere safer than the center of Godís will. Follow God boldly wherever He leads you, and trust Him for the results.

1-18-09 - Fools and Wise Men (Acts 17:22-34)
When you share your faith, donít be intimidated by brains. Even brilliant people need Jesus.

1-11-09 - How to Ignore a Sermon (Acts 17:10-21)
It is easy to ignore a sermon, but if you want to grow in your faith, God may have something He wants to teach you.

1-4-09 - The Power of Association (Acts 17:1-9)
For good or bad, your choice of friends will affect your life. Choose wisely.

12-28-08 - Exercising Your Rights (Acts 16:35-40)
Submitting to authority does not mean that we never insist on our rights. Sometimes we must be politely pushy to carry out Godís work.

12-21-08 - Bondage that Brings Freedom! (Acts 16:25-34)
God brought freedom and life through the bondage and death of His own Son. God can make good things come from your suffering too.

12-14-08 - Freedom that Brings Bondage (Acts 16:16-24)
There is a spiritual battle raging over the hearts of people. Satan and his demons have real power, but they are no match for the Lord Jesus Christ!

12-7-08 - Wondering and Wandering (Acts 16:6-15)
Only the Lord knows where He will lead you. Trust His direction, and serve Him with enthusiasm.

11-30-08 - Passing the Baton (Acts 16:1-5)
Jesus wants His followers to grow and to help others grow as well. Part of being a disciple is making disciples.

11-23-08 - Breaking Up the Team (Acts 15:36-41)
Even when we have been foolish, wrong or sinful, God can take us from where we are, and use it all - the good and the bad - for His purposes.

11-16-08 - Truth under Attack! (Acts 15:1-35)
Salvation is a free gift from God, received by faith - apart from the works of the law.

11-9-08 - Pushing through the Pain (Acts 14:19-28)
Donít think of tribulation as a wall, but as a hurdle. Keep on toward the goal of becoming like Christ.

11-2-08 - Who is God? (Acts 14:8-18)
God is God and you are not. Donít allow yourself or others to get confused about this.

10-19-08 - Trouble Over Outsiders (Acts 13:42-14:7)
Godís gift of salvation is available to everyone, but not everyone will receive it!

10-5-08 - Saul Graduates to "Paul" (Acts 12:25-13:12)
The Lord will never send you anywhere without coming along Himself.

9-28-08 - The God Whoís Bigger than Your Faith (Acts 12:1-24)
Almighty God is not limited by your small faith. Donít be afraid to ask big things.

7-27-08 - The First Martyr (Acts 7)
Are you prepared to give your life for Jesus? He gave His for you.

7-6-08 - Death by Donation (Acts 4:32-5:11)
You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but nobody pulls one over on God.

6-29-08 - Courage (Acts 4:13-31)
We do not need protection from persecution, but the courage to stand in the face of it. Be bold in the service of Christ.

6-22-08 - Arrested for a Good Deed (Acts 4:1-12)
Peter and John refused to be silenced by intimidation. They spoke boldly in the name of Jesus, and you can too.

6-8-08 - Give What You Have (Acts 3:1-10)
As Godís people, we have resources the world doesnít understand. We can offer real help to real people with real problems.